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Transforming underwater landscapes
for a sustainable future

Artificial Coral Reefs

Our goal is to provide solutions for environmental enrichment to  clients by using artificial reef technology as an enabler for marine infrastructure or coastal protection works

We believe that our sustainable and biodegradable materials, combined with our innovative design, provide a valuable solution for marine restoration projects.

Revitalizing our oceans
restoring aquatic habitats

Coral & Sea Grass Transplantation​

Seagrasses are typically transplanted in one of two basic forms; bare-rooted or sediment-intact. In general, sediment-intact transplant is the preferred method as the root and rhizome system remains relatively intact. Sheltering or sediment stabilizing devices (e.g. mesh, artificial seagrass mats) can also be used to protect transplants from disturbance as they establish

To have a successful coral transplantation, conditions must be appropriate for the corals to experience minimal amounts of stress during and after transplantation. The timing of the transplantation is also critical. There must also be precautions taken to ensure that seasonal differences and currents are appropriate for coral transplantation so stress and attachment failure risks ( using cement or steel ties) are reduced.

Reviving habitats and preserving biodiversity  

Offshore Hydrography &
Inspection services​

Hydrographic surveys utilize a range of techniques including acoustic and satellite remote sensing, sub-bottom profiling, and direct measurements to acquire high-resolution bathymetric maps and seabed information. Inspection services involve using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with cameras, active and passive acoustic sensors, and other equipment to inspect and assess underwater structures such as pipelines, platforms, and other infrastructure for any potential issues. This information is essential for developing engineering plans and making informed decisions about asset management and maintenance in the offshore industry


Sea Drone Services

Water Analysis
Engineering Inspection
Scientific Research



It can remove floating waste and hydrocarbons from:


Industrial ponds
Artificial lagoons


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Promote sustainability
in every

Smart AI solution for aviation safety & security

The world’s first system using artificial intelligence to identify, track, count and classify species of birds and the presence of drones, in real time. An environmentally friendly groundbreaking solution technology aimed at helping safety and security, merged with field knowledge to make it robust and cost eective.

Solution at a glance

Reveals the risk of birdstrike in real time
Increases Safety
Respects the ecosystem
Decreases monitoring cost


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